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Who is Mommy Nature?
~intro. from the Editor, Gina Moore~

Mommy Nature's Preschool Blog

Gina with her girls, Jenna Belle and Emmalisse
- summer 2006


My stepfather nicknamed me "Mother Nature" because I have the reputation of rescuing any poor, lost creature needing medical or emotional attention.  (My family and friends lovingly tease me for this along with my desire to compost, get the message.)  I can't count the number (or the dollars in vet bills!) of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, etc. that I've rescued or tried in vain to help over the years.  When my husband and I were having trouble conceiving a child (the one thing I've ALWAYS wanted), we even struggled through the arduous task of trying to adopt 2 little girls I'd met and we all fell in love with.  He exclaimed, "She rescues everything else.  Why am I not surprised that now she's moved to people?" Unfortunately, that fell through, but  2 months later, we got pregnant (after 4 years of trying)!  We now have two beautiful young girls, Jenna Belle and Emmalisse, to join our family of my husband, myself, and my husband's biological & my not-blood-but-"mine"-just-the-same daughter. With my new role, I changed the name to "Mommy Nature".

When Jenna Belle was born I desperately wanted to stay home with my baby, but still needed a connection to the "world", so I decided to begin a home preschool.  I had done this for 2 years while we were stationed in England and I was attending college.  I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (including MANY hours in Early Childhood Ed. and a minor in English).  I've raised Sarah for 14 years, taught elementary (mostly Kindergarten) for 4 years, and am now raising Jenna Belle and Emmalisse.  As usual, I know I'll learn from the children as much as I try to teach them and I also hope that my girls develop good social skills and friends from this as well.

At the other end of my candle, this website originally just shared information with my preschool group and potential students. Writing for it reignited my love of writing and I decided to share all the information that I've learned during my struggle to have a child and now in my life now that she's here.  It seems like the more I learn from caring for her and the children I keep, the more questions pop into my head that need answering.  I hope that this site fulfills your need for parenting information.  I document all the information so you can feel confident in what you read so "y'all come back now, ya hear?"



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