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Where is Your (Body Part) Song

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Using the tune to Where is Thumbkin?, you can personalize this to include basic body parts that your child already knows as well as building a body part vocabulary.

Where is Your (Body Part)?
Where is (child's name or your) nose?
Where is your nose?
Here it is.
Here it is.
Use it to smell and sniff
Flowers, cookies - get a whiff.
Mmm, mmm good!  Mmm, mmm good!

Where are (child's name or your) eyes?
Where are your eyes?
Here they are.
Here they are.
Use them to look and see.
Look at you, look at me.
I see you, I see you.

Where are (child's name or your) ears?
Where are your ears?
Here they are.
Here they are.
Use them to listen
To a happy song.
Hear the music; sing along.

Where is (child's name or your) mouth?
Where is your mouth?
Here it is.
Here it is.
Use it to talk,
Taste and sing.
Sing a funny song; taste a yummy treat.


Add more as you like.

It's a fun idea to have your pet (or a picture of an animal) nearby and sing the alternate verses.  What a great way to understand body part functions and classify likeness and differences between humans and their animal companions!

Consider replacing the English words with Spanish words and sign language to enhance your preschooler's vocabulary further!

English to Spanish
arm - brazo
back - espalda
elbow - codo
fingers - dedos
foot - pie
hand - mano
leg - pierna
neck - cuello
stomach - estómago
toes - dedos del pie
wrist - muñeca
lips - labios
hair - pelo
molar - molar
tooth - diente
teeth - dientes
tongue - lengua
head - cabeza
shoulder(s) - hombro(s)
knee(s) - rodilla(s)
toes - dedos del pie
eye(s) - ojo(s)
ear(s) - oreja(s)
mouth - boca
nose - nariz

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