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Mommy Nature's Preschool Blog is a free site to share ideas with parents and teachers of young children.  We enjoy hearing how it has benefited other families, teachers and children and what additional issues should be addressed. 

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Hello!  I am a stay-at -home-daycare mom.  I have been doing daycare for the last 3 years and I have been wishing and hoping to find a website like yours.  I'm not a teacher and do not have an education background (I'm a registered dietitian - so my meal are nutritious at least - ha) but I wanted to stay home with my kids (3 girls ages 5, 3 & 2) and make some extra income so I decided to do daycare.  I wanted to do fun learning activities and make it structured to keep my sanity and the chaos to a minimum.  I've had a difficult time at times coming up with activities and ideas to fill the day and their curious minds.  Well, no longer do I have to continuously look from one website to the next or book to book.  I hit the jackpot stumbling upon your website!!!!  My one question is how on earth do you have the time and energy to make and keep up the website when running a preschool and your own family???  AMAZING!!!  Thank you for your time and expertise!!!   
Kyle, daycare mom
April 2008

(In response to parenting blog) Wow!!! Fabulous information! I so much appreciate your advice, everything makes perfect sense.  Thank you again, I am sure you will hear from me again :-)
Nicole, mom
March 2008

I want to say how wonderful your site is my daughters handwriting has improved so much.
AreEl, mom
February 2008

Thank you for such a great website. I plan to bookmark it and use it often
Jill, librarian Desloge Public Library
February 2008

I love your site, and your approach to educating the preschoolers. Thanks for the great ideas, I'm trying to get into a more structured schedule with my son this year.
DeAnn, stay-at-home mom
November 2007

I love your site and will tell others about it.
I teach pre-k special needs class in the public school system.
Patty, pre-K teacher
October 2007

Great website, very informative and put together well.
Tracey S., student Early Childhood Ed.
October 2007

This is one of the few sites that I liked and really could use the materials that I found. Once again this is a very good resource site!  I just learned about your site and I'm running over with eagerness to implement my findings into my classroom. I assure you that this will not be my last visit!
Mrs. Tammy, Creative Angels Childcare and Enrichment Center
September 2007

I like the set up of your site. I have found many finger plays to use with my library programs. Several of your suggested books have come in handy, too. Thanks.
Loeffler, librarian
September 2007

Thank you for all the great information!
Mel, Peanuts Preschool
September 2007

Thank you from Powhatan Virginia.
Liz L., VA
September 2007

I was browsing for new themes this year for my preschool class and I came across your site. I think it is just fantastic. I have gotten so many new ideas from you and I just wanted to thank you.
Sara D., preschool teacher
August 2007

...found this site ... I am happy I did... I have a 4 yr old & am always looking for fun home schooling resources.
Dawn, work-at-home mom
August 2007


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