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Reading with Children

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Read with your child daily!

Be sure you and your child share a reading time each day.

Tips for a great reading time:
~Keep your child's books in a special place accessible to him/her such as a basket or on a low shelf.

~Cozy up the area with a colorful rug, throw pillows and even a blanket.

~Find "new-to-you" books at a consignment shop, Goodwill, Salvation Army and don't forget the library!  Even try a book swap with friends.

~Enjoy the books with your child.  Depending on his/her age/developmental level, this may consist of you naming objects as your child flips through or actually reading the book to your child.  Don't feel the need to read the book from cover to cover if your child is not ready for that.  It's better to enjoy 2 minutes (how about 1?) of story time and move on than to fight with your child for 10 minutes of story time.  You want him/her to learn to love reading time, not dread it.

~If you can stand it, reread favorite stories that your child asks to hear again.  That repetition sets the stage for understanding how a book/story works.

~Model for your child how to care for books -- including putting them back after reading them, being gentle with the pages, not coloring on them, etc.  Typically, you may not see acknowledgement of your teachings until around age 2 or later.  So, be sure your child has books that are appropriate to chew on and are VERY tear-resistant (bath books, board books).

~ Check to see if your library has a story time for your child or even a summer reading program with reading incentives!

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