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National Friendship Week

~ on Preschool Interactive Daily Activity Calendar ~

*Parent/Teacher Note:  I've listed all the activities we are hoping to do during our Friendship Celebration Week.  There are purposely more activities for each day than we probably have time for.  Mix and match them to your child's/children's interests, offering a balanced mix throughout each day.  For instance, choose some active and some quiet activities each day and be sure to read every day!  Tailor each activity to your child's specific interests and abilities.

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Main Idea:  Cherishing others, respecting differences, creating friendship bonds

materials list/Resources:

Books (book links available in left sidebar under menu):  Winnie the Pooh, Charlie the Caterpillar, Do You Want to be My Friend?, Corduroy, Clifford the Big, Red Dog by Norman Bridwell
Will I Have a Friend? by Miriam CohenMaisy books by Lucy Cousins, The Giving Tree, Barney's Beach Party DVD

Social/Emotional Development:
Show & Tell Thursdays: 
Bring in a picture of a friend or a stuffed friend to show your school friends.
Morning Meeting/Circle Time (daily skill work including:  weather, calendar, counting, ABCs, patterning, colors, shapes, songs, music, finger plays, rhymes, creative Movement)
(outside links):
The More We Get Together, All God's Critters, I Love You (Barney Song), It's a Small World, Oh Playmate, Come Out and Play With Me, Return to Pooh Corner, The World is a Rainbow

Creative Activities/Art/Music/Drama/Aesthetic Learning (including Fine / Large Motor Activities):

Make a Bear, Friendship Cards, Friendship Bracelets, Name Ball Game

Cognitive/Intellectual Learning:
Language Arts/Literacy Activities/Social Studies: 
Friendship Book, Friendly Counting Sentences
Science/Math/Social Studies: 
Ice Cream Bags, Friendship Memory Matching Game, Friends Attribute Graph, Color Books, Left/Right

Internet Links - supplementary (outside links):  Pooh Friendship Day:  Fun & Games, The Lion and the Mouse Online Story, Maisy's Fun Club, Clifford the Big Red Dog via PBS Kids, Clifford the Big Red Dog via Scholastic, Barney Online Stories

Vocabulary Words:  friendship, same, different, compromise, respect, Spanish color words (white/blanco, pink/rosa, red/rojo, orange/naranja, yellow/amarillo, green/verde, blue/azul, purple/morado, brown/marron, black/negro), author, illustrator, sew

Motivation/Introduction ~ First Day of Theme:
Share a Friendship Book

Compile a book with every child's picture and name, along with something special about that child.  Laminate, as this is sure to be a favorite to stay in the class library!  Read together, pointing out how friends have similarities and  differences.  Consider letting children take this book home after this week to check out for a couple of days at a time. 

Benchmark Skills:
1.15 Understands and respects differences
5.7 Engages in two-way conversation with children and adults

Lessons (one main lesson a day which can be broken into parts as needed throughout the day):

1.  Winnie the Pooh - Friends Attribute Graph, Friendship Bracelets

Benchmark Skills:
3.10 Classifies objects by physical features such as shape or color
3.15 Demonstrates an understanding of number (how many) and numeral (3 is a numeral) relationship (numeration)
3.12 Recognizes patterns and can repeat them (patterning)
4.7 Uses small muscles for self-help skills

Friends Attribute Graph:  Decide on one or more attributes to graph (hair, eye or skin color, girl/boy, tall/short, long hair/short hair, etc.).  Using only one attribute per graph (for instance, eye color), provide unifix cubes, snap cubes or legos in the appropriate colors for the children to choose from.  Call on one child at a time, have the children tell you the color of the friend's hair.  That child then chooses the corresponding cube color and stacks it on the bar graph.  Each color has its own bar.  When finished, count each one.  Talk about which one has more/less, put them in order from fewest to most, etc.  Label each with a number noting how many are on the stack.  Be sure to mention that no matter which color each friend chose, he/she is special and a good friend.  (A graph can stir a lot of discussion.  Lead it wherever you wish!)
Friendship Bracelets:  Provide the children with appropriate lengths of stretchy, clear cording (available in craft sections for making jewelry), and a variety of beads.  Tie a bead on one end of the cording to keep the beads from falling off as the children string them.  Encourage the children to lay out a pattern before stringing the beads, but most of all it should be beautiful to them!  Allow the children to make two of each bracelet - one for a friend and one to keep. 

2. Charlie the Caterpillar - Left, Right; Friendship Cards

Benchmark Skills:
4.9 Freely participates in gross motor activities
3.3 Demonstrates knowledge of how to use a book
4.8 Uses writing and drawing tools with control and intention

Left, Right:  Sing A Book has Two Covers, which introduces the concepts of print as well as the concepts of left and right.  Have the children form a circle by holding hands and having them tell you whose hand they are holding with their right and left hand.  Now, play Hokey Pokey while helping the children distinguish between their left and right sides.  Throughout the week, reinforce this concept by saying things like, "Pick up your juice with your left hand", "Kick the ball with your right foot", etc.

Friendship Cards:  After reading Charlie the Caterpillar, get the children talking about their good friends and what they like about their friend.  Help them write a sentence about the friend, "I like you because _______."  Provide the children with folded construction or cardstock paper, and some combination of:  markers, colored pencils or crayons, stickers, small "treasures" to glue, glue. 

3.  Do You Want to be My Friend?  - Color Books, Friendship Memory Matching Card Game

Benchmark Skills: 
3.25 Applies information or experience to a new context (scientific process:  applying)
3.5 Understands that print conveys a message
3.11 Classifies objects conceptually (things that go together)

Color Books:  Make mini-color books for your students using construction paper.  Fold the construction paper into fourths, cut along lines to make four pages of one color.  Label the page with the English and Spanish versions of the color words:
















Staple them together in the order of the rainbow (ROY G BIV:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo/violet) and allow the children to paste items from magazines to correspond to the colors.

Friendship Memory Matching Card Game:  Make student flashcards with a picture of the student and his name printed underneath along with a matching card with just the child's name to play Friendship Memory Matching Card Game - just like Memory. 

4.  Corduroy  - Make a Bear, Friendly Counting Sentences

Show & Tell Thursday:  Bring in a picture of a friend or a stuffed friend to show your school friends.

Benchmark Skills: 
5.2 Uses effective oral communication skills:  speaking in complete sentences, speaking with appropriate grammar
4.6 Coordinates eye and hand movements to complete tasks
3.6 Demonstrates an interest in using writing for a purpose
3.16 Demonstrates an understanding of addition and subtraction, using manipulatives

Make a Bear
Use this pattern to cut out two shapes from felt.  Children can use plastic needles to sew the two sides together, leaving one side open to stuff.  For older preschoolers, give each child two large buttons with 2-4 holes and allow them to sew Corduroy's buttons on as well. 
Alternatively, use the template to print out one bear for each child on cardstock.  Color, decorate the bears.  Provide scrap fabric for the children to glue clothes on their "Corduroy".  Hand out two cardstock buttons, each with two holes, for them to line up and sew on.

Using 5 sentence strips, label them, "I see one friend."  "I see two friend."  "I see three friend."  "I see four friend."  "I see five friend."  Put the sentences in order.  Have children help you count out friends using the Friendship Memory Matching Cards to place beside each each sentence as well as a corresponding numeral card (1-5).

For snack, pour some Teddy Grahams (or other bear cookie) into each child's bowl and have them estimate how many are inside.  Provide a bowl with 5 as a reference.  Figure out how many more they need to have 5.

5.  Closure ~ Last Day of Theme:  Clifford the Big, Red Dog  
Friendship Party - Ice Cream Social!

Benchmark Skills: 
1.19 Works cooperatively with others on completing a task
1.4 Shows curiosity and desire to learn
3.30 Functions as a member of the classroom community
2.5 Enjoys singing games, dramatizing songs and moving to music

Ice Cream Bags: 

  • 1 tablespoon Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Milk or half & half
  • 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 6 tablespoons Rock salt
  • 1 pint-size Ziploc plastic bag
  • 1 gallon-size Ziploc plastic bag
  • Ice cubes
  1. Fill the large bag half full of ice, and add the rock salt. Seal the bag.
  2. Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag, and seal it.
  3. Place the small bag inside the large one and seal again carefully. Consider putting entire bag into one more bag to ensure no spills.
  4. Shake until mixture is ice cream, about 5 minutes.  Continue below.

Pair up the children.  Give each child a different ingredient.  Each friend has an ingredient for making ice cream.  We have to work together to combine all ingredients and work towards our common goal - eating our ice cream!

After we've made the ice cream, we'll play the Name Ball Game while we wait for the ice cream to freeze.  How to play:  Players sit in a circle.  One child from each pair has an ice cream bag.  Before he/she gently tosses it to a friend, he/she names the friend and tells something he/she likes about him/her.  Each child gets a bag tossed to him/her once before anyone gets it a second time.  Children can continue tossing bags back and forth between partners until ice cream is ready. 

Sing Icy Creamy Ice Cream while tossing, serving or eating!

Show Time Friday:  Barney's Beach Party

Children are awarded I'm a Good Friend!" awards.

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Checking for Student Understanding:
Referring to our Main Idea and Benchmarks, we hope to see a stronger bond and appreciation between the children with them sharing in each other's achievements and expressing empathy when appropriate.
Teacher/Parent Self-Evaluation:  Let's grow together!  If you have additional ideas, comments or suggestions, let me know!  (


There are many benchmarks that will be taught nearly every day, like "Demonstrates willingness to try new things" or "Shows enjoyment of books and stories and discussion of them".  Throughout the range of activities offered here, there will be a focus on one or two, although there are usually many covered in one simple activity.  Repetition is the key with learning - especially in early childhood.  However, even though you may do the same basic activity, it can be adapted to your child's level, interests, and theme.

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