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2007/2008 Menu

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Preschool Menu - the kids eating lunch
The kids eating lunch March 2006

Snacks & Lunches:  Snacks are listed on the top of each date and lunches are in the bottom space.

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2007/2008 Menu

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Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
8/6 - 8/10 [Kannon's 4th Birthday - July 11]
    Mason's 5th Birthday Emmalisse's 2nd Birthday - (Saturday)

Back to School Bonfire (Saturday)

8/13 - 8/17

"Back to School"

Friendship Salad:  tropical fruit salad (kiwi, pineapple, banana), macadamia nuts
chocolate cupcakes buttered popcorn pudding pops "Friendly Faces"
nose, hair: carrot strips,
eyes: cucumber circles,
mouth: ranch/yogurt dip
pizza, green beans hot dogs w/cheese,  baked beans, broccoli slaw Alfredo pasta, garlic bread, peaches grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce, pickle spears multi-grain pancakes, pineapple
8/20 - 8/24

Safari Intro. -Curriculum Preview - (Assess.)

fruit smoothie (banana, blueberry, strawberry, yogurt) cinnamon rolls cheesy popcorn fruit yogurt
"Flower Apples" apple slice petals, pretzel stems, peanut butter dip
pizza bagels, peaches nuggets, potato sticks, carrots spaghetti, olives, garlic bread cheese quesadillas, refried beans, cantaloupe French toast sticks, orange slices

8/27 - 8/31

a - "Allie Alligator"
(Assess. cont'd.)


am, at



strawberry shortcake vanilla cupcakes kettle (pop) corn chocolate pie "Fall Trees"
dip green broccoli "trees" into orange-tinted ranch/yogurt dip to change the color for Fall, with olives
pizza pitas, pineapple chunks corn dogs, green beans, blueberries pasta salad, almonds, pears grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce,  strawberries multi-grain waffles, apples
Key: Holiday - No School
  snack time
  Curriculum theme/focus
  Special Activity

* Dates are subject to change.  Notification will be given in that event.

I've organized the meals into different "food focuses" or themes for each day at snack time and lunch time.  This should greatly help me in shopping for and preparing meals as well as give the children variety in nutrition and consistency in knowing what to expect.  I used what I know about "our" kids' favorites in planning this year's menu.  If your child has a new favorite, let me know.  This menu can always be adjusted.

Food Focuses:



Lunch  (main dish)

Monday - fruit "Make it Yourself" pizza variety
Tuesday - "Let's Get Cookin' Together" and make a sweet tooth snack "fast - but healthy - food"
Wednesday - popcorn breakfast-style (usually pancake variety)
Thursday - "Soft Serves" (pudding, ice cream/sherbet, yogurt, pie) cheese sandwich varieties
Friday - Seasonal Craft Snack, using veggies (& usually ranch dip) usually relating to a snack time seasonal story pasta or rice meals

I try to serve at least one child-friendly item at each meal.  When I introduce a new food or serve something that isn't a real favorite, I make sure that there is something the majority of children will be able to fill up on.  The rule of thumb for most meals:  one "tried-and-true" favorite, one "I could take it or leave it", and one "maybe-maybe not" item on the plate.

Fruit juice, Kool-Aid or water is usually served with snacks; milk with meals.

I serve home-made foods as often as I can.  All homemade breads (pizza crust, sandwich bread, pancakes, etc.) are some variety of multi-grain (including wheat flour, oat flour, oat bran, &/or a variety of grains) &/or protein-fortified (using ground nuts, beans, nutritional yeast, egg whites, etc.).

I also intend to get the kids into the kitchen helping cook even more often this year.  For instance, they will have the option to create their own pizzas (adding their toppings before baking), help mix in ingredients for pancake, cookie and cupcake batter, slice fruit (with child-safe "knife") like bananas and mix fruits for fruit salads or spear them for fruit kabobs, etc.

I've always been a sneaky chef, incorporating healthy food items into childhood favorites with little taste difference.  Examples of my "sneakiness" include shredded fresh spinach on pizza, fortifying bread products as mentioned above, mixing plain yogurt into Ranch dip or cream cheese, mixing spinach juice into chocolate pudding or cupcakes (YES!  It's invisible to the taste buds!  ALL the kids eat it!), blending nutritional yeast into cheese spread, etc.  Then, I found the book The Sneaky Chef by Missy Lapine with all kinds of great ideas!  It's available for "check out" to the parents of Mommy Nature's Preschool.

* I do not serve pork.  Any pork-style items are an alternate protein source, such as soy.  We really love the Morningstar products by Kellogg's as a great alternative!

Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
9/3 - 9/7

b - "Bubba Bear"


Labor Day pretzels buttered popcorn ice cream

(Kylie's 2nd Birthday, Saturday)

wheat crackers, celery, cheese spread

nuggets, cauliflower, carrots, crackers biscuits w/jelly, scrambled eggs, applesauce cheese nachos, bean dip, rice, green beans lasagna, bread sticks, cantaloupe
Grandparent's Day, Sun. Sept. 9

9/10 - 9/14

c - "Catina Cat"


"My Favorite Fruit" homemade ice cream (available fruits:  strawberries, bananas, nectarines) Patriot's Day

Patriotic Cupcakes

popcorn chocolate cream pudding homemade cookies
pizza bagels, oranges pigs in blankets, mashed potatoes, grapes chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries grilled cheese sandwiches, tropical fruit salad macaroni & cheese, green peas, cucumber salad
9/17 - 9/21

d - "Deedee Deer"


fruit kebabs (grapes, strawberries, bananas) w/ yogurt dip brownies cheesy popcorn yogurt cucumbers, pita chips, hummus dip
pizza pitas, green beans nuggets, dressing, cranberry salad cinnamon French toast sticks, apple slices cheese sticks, spring rolls, fried rice ravioli, rolls, mixed vegetables
9/24 - 9/28

e - "Ellie Elephant"


Jell-O w/fruit, honey roasted peanuts marble cupcakes Johnny Appleseed Day

apple slices w/ caramel dip

sherbet w/strawberry slices celery, boiled egg circles, ranch/yogurt dip
pizza quesadillas, pineapple-mango salad burgers, potato sticks, fruit filled Jell-O mini choc. chip waffles, kiwi grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach, corn on the cob baked ziti, lentils, olives


Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

1 - 10/5

f - "Francy Fish"


blueberries, grapes, almonds chocolate chip cookies caramel popcorn chocolate fudge pie broccoli, cheese cubes, ranch/yogurt dip
pizza, carrots w/ yogurt-ranch dip nuggets, celery, French fries French toast, scrambled cheesy eggs, fruit cup cheese & crackers, grapes, yogurt, apple slices w/peanut butter dirty rice, green beans, watermelon
10/8 - 10/12

Fire Prevention Week

Letter Review - a-f


Columbus Day (observ.)

apple pie a la mode w/ nutty granola topping
strawberry cupcakes buttered popcorn chocolate-banana smoothie ants on a log (celery w/peanut butter and raisins), wheat crackers
English muffin pizza, corn on the cob hot dogs w/cheese, oranges, cheesy potatoes chocolate pancakes, kiwi grilled cheese sandwiches, black-eyed peas, Jell-O w/fruit Alfredo pasta, grapes, carrots w/ranch
10/15 - 10/19

g - "Gordo Gorilla"



fruit kabobs (nectarines, watermelons, apple chunks) w/lime yogurt dip peanut butter cookies cinnamon kettle (pop) corn fruit juice-yogurt pops, bananas cucumber sandwiches (cucumber slices w/cream cheese/yogurt filling)
pizza, bananas nuggets, carrots w/ranch, sugar snap peas almond bread French toast sticks w/powdered sugar "snow" cheese quesadillas, bean dip, rice spaghetti, oranges, garlic rolls
10/22 - 10/26

Make a Difference Day, Sat. Oct. 27

h - "Honey Horse"



watermelon slices, sunflower seeds caramel cupcakes buttered popcorn yogurt, mini oatmeal cookies broccoli, olives, ranch/yogurt dip
crescent roll pizzas, carrots w/ranch broccoli cheese soup, crackers, bananas waffles w/fruit topping, apples grilled cheese sandwiches, grapes, pears salad, chickpeas, toast
10/29 - 11/2

Letter Review g-h


chocolate banana pops, yogurt drinks cinnamon-raisin bread cheesy popcorn AEA


pizza, oranges nuggets, green beans, apples biscuits w/gravy, eggs, pineapple



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
11/5 - 11/9

i - "Inny Inchworm"


apple slices, peanut butter/yogurt dip chocolate bread w/homemade chocolate butter caramel popcorn ice cream sandwiches carrots, sugar snap peas, yogurt/ranch dip
pizza bagels, bananas pigs in blankets, grapes, carrots w/ranch macaroni & cheese, green beans, apples grilled cheese sandwiches, green beans, watermelon smiley face pancakes, oranges
Veterans Day, Sun. Nov. 11

11/12 - 11/16

j - "Jerry Jellyfish"


fruit fluff (pineapple, shredded apple, cherries, grapes, yogurt, whipped cream) National Invite Parents to School Day

chocolate cupcakes

buttered popcorn lemon freeze "Mini Cornucopias" (Bugles w/chunks of vegetables - carrots, fresh peas, attached with ranch/cream cheese)
pizza, grapes vegetable-pasta soup, toast, oranges Alfredo penne pasta, 3 bean salad, cucumbers cheese nuggets, celery, strawberries Hawaiian bread French toast sticks, bananas
11/19 - 11/23

Letter Review i-j



Jell-O w/fruit, roasted pumpkin seeds toast w/jelly & butter

Thanksgiving Break

pizza bread, corn on the cob nuggets, nectarines, green beans
11/26 - 11/30

k - "Kayo Kangaroo"


fruit & cheese kabobs (oranges, blueberries, cheese cubes) pumpkin cupcakes cheesy popcorn yogurt, pineapple chunks red bell pepper strips, broccoli, yogurt/ranch dip
pizza, carrots w/ranch corn dogs apples, oranges rice, lentils, bananas grilled cheese sandwiches, pretzels, pickles cinnamon pecan waffles, grapes


Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
12/3 - 12/7

l - "Lizzy Lizard"


dried fruit trail mix (choc. covered raisins, banana chips, cereal, dried apricots) pretzels w/peanut butter dip buttered popcorn pudding pops Pearl Harbor Day

Parents' Night Out

"Christmas Present Crackers" (crackers covered in PB or cheese spread, decorations: dried fruit, diced carrots, broccoli "balls")

pizza, nectarines nuggets, apples, veggie chips pasta salad, golden lentils, olives, crackers deli slices, cheese & crackers, cantaloupe sausage/egg/cheese biscuits
12/10 - 12/14

m - "Missy Mouse"


peach cobbler w/nutty granola topping carrot cupcakes cinnamon kettle (pop) corn caramel-chocolate pie "Santa's Hat" (cream cheese/yogurt hat on plate - by me, red: diced red bell pepper, white: mini marshmallow; wheat crackers for dipping)
pizza bagels, pears broccoli cheese soup, crackers, grapes lasagna, corn on the cob, applesauce grilled cheese sandwiches, green beans, oranges choc./choc. chip pancakes, bananas
12/17 - 12/21

Letter Review



Dip it Yourself - chocolate dipped fruit & cookies (bananas, strawberries, dried apricots, vanilla wafers) angel food cake w/strawberry topping Sawyer's 2nd Birthday

buttered popcorn

ice cream sundaes (marshmallows, chocolate chips, syrup, sprinkles, crushed cookies) Christmas Party

"Reindeer Sandwiches" (PB&J or cream cheese on bread,
face: sandwiches cut into triangles, antlers: pretzel sticks,
eyes, etc.: dried fruits)

pizza, apples nuggets, green beans, carrots shells & cheese, scrambled eggs, rolls cheese quesadillas, pineapple, corn French toast, nectarines
12/24 - 12/28 Christmas Holidays



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
12/31 - 1/4 Christmas Holidays
1/7 - 1/11

Letter Review a-m


apples slices w/caramel dip, honey-roasted peanuts zucchini bread cupcakes cheesy popcorn yogurt smoothies  
pizza, oranges hot dogs w/cheese, pickles, bananas Ranch-style beans & rice, cornbread, grapes grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots w/ranch, veggie chips almond waffles
1/14 - 1/18

n - "Nigel Nightowl"


fruit & cheese kabobs (apples, grapes, cheese) caramel toffee bars buttered popcorn sherbet w/banana slices  
pizza bagels, nectarines nuggets, green beans, corn on the cob manicotti, white beans, carrots w/ranch nachos w/cheese, ground meat, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, sour cream,  wheat biscuits w/jelly, scrambled eggs, pears
1/21 - 1/25

o - "Olive Octopus"


No School vanilla cupcakes caramel popcorn chocolate pie  
chik. noodle-vegetable soup, crackers, bananas Alfredo pasta, oranges, olives grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce, kidney beans pecan pancakes, grapes
1/28 - 2/1

p - "Peewee Penguin"


Groundhog Day, Sat. Feb. 2

"Color Your Jell-O" w/fruit (oranges, pears), soy nuts lemon bars buttered popcorn snowman ice cream balls "Snowflakes on the Grass" (pretzel sticks stuck together w/ranch-cream cheese on a bed of shredded broccoli stalks)
pizza, black beans nuggets, corn on the cob, carrots w/ranch spaghetti, apples, bananas cheese sticks, nectarines, blueberries multi-grain French toast sticks w/"snow"



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
Dental Health Month

2/4 - 2/8

q - "Queeny Quail"


School Counselors' Week

  Mardi Gras Day - Fat Tuesday

caramel cupcakes

cinnamon sugar kettle (pop) corn marble pudding snowman sandwich (marshmallows stuck onto peanut butter spread on vanilla wafers; dried fruit decorations)
pizza, bananas pigs in blankets, green beans pasta salad, apples, carrots w/ranch grilled cheese sandwiches, cottage cheese, peaches multi-grain waffles w/choc. syrup, oranges
2/11 - 2/15

Letter Review o-q


Valentine's Day

banana pops chocolate cookies w/peanut butter chips buttered popcorn Valentine's Day/Party

strawberry smoothies

"Give Away a Heart" 
pizza bagels, salad nuggets, red lentils, applesauce lasagna, garlic knots, olives heart-shaped cheese, crackers, carrots w/ranch, nectarines pink heart biscuits w/strawberry jelly, scrambled eggs
2/18 - 2/22

r - "Robby Rabbit"


President's Day lemon-strawberry cupcakes cheesy popcorn yogurt  
pizza pitas, corn on the cob egg drop-vegetable soup, rice, crackers rotini & cheese, edamame (soybeans), oranges grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, grapes smiley face multi-grain pancakes, bananas
2/25 - 2/29

s - "Sammy Snake"


  choc.-choc. chip cookies buttered popcorn sherbet, nectarines  
pizza, carrots w/ranch nuggets, nectarines, bananas yellow fried rice w/eggs & black beans, applesauce cheese quesadillas, veggie chips, sopapillas w/honey walnut French toast sticks



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
Nutrition Month

3/3 - 3/7

t - "Timothy Tiger"


Read Across America Day - Dr. Seuss' Birthday banana bread cupcakes Zachary's 5th Birthday

caramel popcorn

pudding pops  
pizza, oranges corn dogs, green beans, carrots w/ranch mini manicotti, breadsticks, grapes grilled cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries, pickles cinnamon waffles w/honey, apples
3/10 - 3/14

u - "Umber Umbrella Bird"


  cinnamon rolls buttered popcorn chocolate pie  
pizza bagels, nectarines nuggets, applesauce, veggie chips Alfredo pasta, carrots w/ranch, garlic bread cheese nachos, black beans, bananas green shamrock *bacon, egg, cheese, biscuits
Poison Prevention Week

3/17 - 3/21

Letter Review s-u



Easter, Sun. March 23

St. Patrick's Day apple muffins cheesy popcorn ice cream sandwiches Katie's 4th Birthday - (tomorrow)
pizza pitas, green beans broccoli cheese soup, toast, carrots w/ranch, bananas spaghetti squash spaghetti, rolls, olives grilled cheese sandwiches, oranges, corn on the cob chocolate chip pancakes, grapes
3/24 - 3/28 Spring Break



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
3/31 - 4/4

v - "Vincent Vampire Bat"


bananas April Fool's Day

macadamia nut cookies

buttered popcorn yogurt  
pizza, apples nuggets, carrots w/ranch, veggie chips pasta salad, red lentils, breadsticks cheese nuggets, spring rolls, chow mein noodles cinnamon-pecan French toast sticks, nectarines
4/7 - 4/11

w - "Willie Weasel"


  blueberry muffins cinnamon sugar kettle (pop) corn fruit juice pops, watermelon  
pizza bagels, grapes hot dogs, corn on the cob, oranges Spanish rice, green beans, bananas grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt, carrots w/ranch caramel-bran waffles, applesauce
4/14 - 4/18

x - "Xavier Fox"


  oatmeal raisin cookies buttered popcorn Boston Cream Pie "begetable butterflies"  (body:  baby carrots, wings: pretzel twists, "glue": cheese spread, raisin dots)
pizza pitas, carrots w/ranch nuggets, apples, ice cream macaroni & cheese, nectarines, green peas deli slices, cheese & crackers, chickpeas wheat biscuits w/jelly, scrambled cheesy eggs, bananas
4/21 - 4/25

y - "Yancy Yak"


School Librarian Day Earth Day

chocolate chip cupcakes

cheesy popcorn ice cream  
pizza, salad vegetable-rice soup, crackers, grapes, bananas ravioli, applesauce, olives, carrots w/ranch grilled cheese sandwiches, green beans, oranges smiley-face almond pancakes, peaches



Week of Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
4/28 - 5/2

z - "Zeke Zebra"


  brownies caramel popcorn yogurt smoothies  
pizza, bananas nuggets, edamame (soybeans), nectarines Alfredo pasta, carrots w/ranch, garlic knots cheese quesadillas, apples, cranberry salad Hawaiian French toast sticks, sweet potato fries
5/5 - 5/9

Curriculum Review


1-26 &

  National Teacher Day

vanilla cupcakes

buttered popcorn Jenna Belle's 5th Birthday

ice cream sundaes

pizza bagels, applesauce pigs in blankets, baked beans, bananas wild rice mix, pine nuts, raisins grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots w/ranch, strawberries multi-grain waffles, oranges
Mother's Day, Sun. May 11

Letter Review
Word Play


5/12 - 5/16

  cinnamon rolls cheesy popcorn chocolate pie  
pizza pitas, carrots w/ranch nuggets, veggie chips, potato salad pasta salad, green beans, corn on the cob cheese nachos, apples, bananas flax seed biscuits w/egg/cheese, nectarines
5/19 - 5/23

Word Play & Assessments


  marble cupcakes cinnamon sugar kettle (pop) corn fruit juice pops, strawberries  
pizza, oranges burgers, potato sticks, kiwi lasagna, applesauce, bananas grilled cheese sandwiches, English peas, grapes butterscotch chip pancakes, blueberries
5/26 - 5/30


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Memorial Day

angel food cupcakes w/strawberry topping buttered popcorn Field Trip to the ice cream shop!

Preschool Graduation Night
(Jenna Belle, Joshua, Mason)

"dirt dessert" (chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate cookies, gummy worms)

nuggets, nectarines, bananas shells & cheese, kidney beans, grapes cheese sticks, apples, olives, crackers pecan French toast sticks w/"snow", oranges
6/2 - 6/6


Last Day - Vilonia!

pizza, chips, sliced fruit, yogurt dip, cupcakes

    Last Day of Mommy Nature's Preschool!

Parents' Night Out

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Preschool Menu ~ Emmalisse eating a cookie
Emmalisse eating a cookie


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The Sneaky ChefHere is one of my favorite books for sneaking healthy foods into a child's menu!





Preschool Menu ~ Jenna Belle eating spaghetti
Jenna Belle eating spaghetti




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My Child Won't Eat!



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