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Preschool Lesson - Safari Week 6 - /ĕ/

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Schedule is used as a basic guide only.  Times are subject to change and flexibility is used throughout each day and week.

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Week 3:
/ĕ/ - "Ellie Elephant"
from Zoo-phonics
number:  5
sight words:  (student names)
vocabulary word:  gray

Enrichment Activities:
Make Enter/Exit sign for door helper to hold up for each child as children go outside or come in.  Post 'Exit' signs at doors.  Have children read the signs as they enter/exit.

until 8:30 am Free Choice Play with various themed activities (below)
Ellie & Elmer Elephant file folder game
Ellie Elephant peanut-number matching file folder game

8:30 - 9:00

Group Activity (Board Games, Activity Buckets, Puzzles, Group Games, Art, Cooking)
M ~ Ellie Elephant stick puppet from Zoophonics
T ~

Preschool Lesson Plan - e E elephantsOne Elephant Went Out to Play: Create a web or a line using masking tape on the floor.  Sing the following song:
One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such enormous fun; He called for another elephant to come.
First line of the song and the next three lines increasing the number of elephants until each child has a turn. Then sing the following verse:
(number of children) elephants went out to play on a tightrope string one day they had such enormous fun, but the tightrope broke and they all fell down!

W ~ e E elephant, Preschool LessonsThrowing at a target:  Mix black and white paint.  Discover grey.  Paint a large box where you have drawn an elephant's face on one side.  Paint this grey  and cut out the open mouth.  Children can throw peanuts into the mouth to....feed the elephant.  (Check for allergies.)
Question/Graph of the Week Do you like peanuts?
Th ~ egg puzzles:  Using plastic eggs, label one end with a  number and the matching end with the corresponding number of dots.  Put all halves in a basket.  Children match the correct halves together and put in egg carton.
F ~ Show picture of Thomas Edison and discuss how he discovered electricity.  List things that we enjoy that use electricity or batteries.  Create "History Makers" wall to post his picture.

9:00 9:15

Diapers, Restroom, Wash hands
9:15 9:30 Snack, Extra-Curricular/Seasonal  Story time, Clean up
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
Jell-O w/fruit, honey roasted peanuts

Peanut graphing:  Each child scoops peanuts onto a napkin.  Count each child's peanuts and graph how many each child got.

peanut-shaped peanut butter cookies Johnny Appleseed Day

apple slices from red, green, & yellow apples w/caramel dip & homemade peanut butter dip,
apple juice

sherbet w/strawberry slices celery, boiled egg circles, ranch/yogurt dip
Write e's in Jell-O with toothpick Watch Power Point Presentation:  It Sounds Like This and it Looks Like That a-z from Zoophonics CD Make peanut butter.  Shell 2 cups peanuts, blend in blender with pinch of salt. Baby Elephant's Birthday online story  

F ~ snack - story

9:30 9:45


All of the children come to Morning Meeting.  The younger ones are provided with quiet, theme-related activities to enjoy while they interact at their own pace in the group activities.

 Apple iTunes
Use iTunes?  Download your songs for immediate use!

Morning Meeting (literacy, math):

M ~ After pledge listen to/sing, America from Yankee Doodle Mickey
One Elephant Went Out One Day also found on the CD from Wee Sing Children's Songs & Fingerplays
Elmo the Elephant from "Sing and Read" Alphabet Little Books
Mystery Box - (plastic eggs, stuffed elephant)
abc book - Create /ĕ/ page and add /ĕ/ words, pictures and stickers to it throughout the week.  Have children draw a circle around each beginning e.  Add to other pages to create a book.
Unscramble magnetic letters of Emmalisse's name to spell Emmalisse.  Clap out syllables in Emmalisse.  Sing N-A-M-E-O.  Sing the Name Game using Emmalisse's name.

Read Ellie's page from Zoophonics' Zeke and His Pals Level A Book 1, discuss.
~ Calendar, weather, 100s chart, pattern work.
Count by 5's to 50 "reading" number line.
T ~ After pledge listen to/sing, America from Yankee Doodle Mickey
Five Brown Eggs
Miss Mary Mack: A Hand-Clapping Rhyme
egg patterning with plastic eggs

Estimation Jar:
  Place a handful of elephant counters, plastic eggs, or peanuts in a jar.  Show the children and have them estimate how many are there.  Add more, play again.  Take some out, play again.  End with number 5.
~ Calendar, weather, 100s chart, pattern work.
Count by 5's to 50 "reading" number line.
W ~ After pledge listen to/sing, America from Yankee Doodle Mickey
echo read Elmo the Elephant from "Sing and Read" Alphabet Little Books
An Elephant Walks Like This and That
The Saggy Baggy Elephant
Show 'n Tell:  Bring something that starts with /ĕ/.
List items brought and by whom.  Count letters in each item, count words.
~ Calendar, weather, 100s chart, pattern work.
Count by 5's to 50 reading a number line.
Th ~ After pledge listen to/sing, America from Yankee Doodle Mickey
Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen - act out with props
Using a-e ALCs, scramble them up for the children to put in order.
Ella The Elegant Elephant
Come Meet Us at the Zoo
from Zoophonics CD - signal with ALCs
~ Calendar, weather, 100s chart, pattern work.
Count by 5's to 50 "reading" nickels in a line.
F ~ After pledge listen to/sing, America from Yankee Doodle Mickey
Hide a-e animals in plastic eggs.

One to Ten
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I caught an elephant alive.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
I let her go again.

~ Calendar, weather, 100s chart, pattern work.
Count by 5's to 50 "reading" nickels in a line.

9:45 10:00

Table Activities (Morning Meet. Extension games, art, art appreciation)

M ~ Introduce Edward Hicks and his painting, Noah's Ark.
T ~ Introduce Edward Hicks' painting, Peaceable Kingdom.
For our study of elephants we use black and white finger-paint to mix to make the color of elephants. Gray! Then the children can use their fingertips to make eyes, mouth and trunk.
W ~ Introduce Edward Hicks' painting, The Cornell Farm
Use unshelled peanuts or plastic Easter eggs, labeled with e's, as counters.  Count out 5 at a time into egg carton.
Trace egg shapes (ovals) and e's.
Th ~ Introduce Edward Hicks' painting, Washington at the Delaware.
Use pictures of animals to talk about which animals were born from eggs.  Transfer the information to a Venn Diagram.

egg patterns - create colored egg patterns on strips of paper for children to match plastic eggs to.
F ~ eggshell mosaic art - color eggs.  When dry, remove shells from eggs, rinse, dry, allow children to create beautiful mosaics on cut-outs of the letter e
10:00 - 10:45

Outside Play (Large motor act. indoors in bad weather) - one organized activity will be offered along with plenty of time for free play

M ~ exercise - try some jumping jacks, stretches, toe touching
Cool down - inhale (breathe in), exhale (breathe out)
T ~ Play Pass the egg.  Pass it quickly.  Pass it slowly.  Then play Pass the peanut.
W ~ Elbow walking - everyone links elbows, walk in a line, in a circle, walk backwards
Th ~ Pretend to be elephants.  Walk, spray water on your back.  Trumpet loudly.
Imitate spraying through trunks using straws and cups of water.
F ~ Act out
10:45 - 11:00 Clean up, restroom, wash hands
11:00 11:30 Elem. Spanish at Home Activities (M & W) - *starting in Sept.
Group Spanish Games & Activities (T, Th)
Beth Manners' Fun Spanish for Kids
M ~ Los Elephantes from Cantemos En Espanol
T ~ Los Elephantes Online Song/Show
W ~ Counting from Beth Manners' Fun Spanish for Kids.
Count to 5 in Spanish using eggs as counters.
Th ~ Review colors in Spanish with color dominoes.

11:30 - 11:45

Library Day, Music/Dance Time, Music Appreciation, Cooking Time
M ~ Library Day
T ~ Zoophonics' Bingo
W ~ elephant PowerPoint
Th ~ Play Zoo Animal Sounds Lotto.
11:45 12:00 Diapers, Restroom, Wash hands, Set table

12:00 12:30

Lunch, Clean up
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
elephant-shaped pizza quesadillas, pineapple-mango salad hot dogs, potato sticks, applesauce mini choc. chip waffles, kiwi grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach, corn on the cob baked ziti, lentils, olives
12:30 12:45 D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

12:45 1:00

Restroom, Wash hands, Brush teeth, Nap mats

1:00 3:00

Children's Choice story time & Nap time (Story at 1:00, put on short show after story/discussion, TV off after nap time show.)
~Afternoon planning time~

3:00 3:15

Diapers, Restroom, Wash hands

3:15 3:30

Snack, Clean up

3:30 --

Prepare to go home, Free Choice Play, Outside Play (weather permitting)

 Computer activities available throughout the day.

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