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Preschool Learning Templates and Printables

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Templates for Learning:  most of these are available as .pdf format using Adobe Reader.

Box Templates:
Some of these are "filled in" with questions and prompts for your child to answer.  Some are blank so you can print them and fill them in to suit your activity.

Story Cube Template - blank
Story Cube (blank) -
This cube can be adapted for a wide range of activities:  create a number cube using numbers or words (2 or two) or both, fill in personalized questions about a story, fill in personalized questions about any theme being covered (All About Me, Colors, Shapes, etc.)
Story Cube - Reading Comprehension
Story Cube -
Use this fun cube to increase interest and comprehension when reading a story.
Story Starter Prompt Cube
Story Starter (Prompt) Cube -
Get your child thinking by rolling this cube, reading the prompt and taking turns telling a unique story.  *Have a tape recorder ready to tape the story.  Transcribe it to paper to illustrate and reread. 

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Circle Time Weather & Season Wheels:

Today's Weather Wheel
Today's Weather Chart Wheel -
Great for circle time when discussing the weather.
Season's Chart
Seasons Chart Wheel -
Label the current season using this colorful chart.

Educational Coloring Pages:

My Favorite Color is Coloring Page
Favorite Color Coloring Sheet -
Here your child can draw a picture about his or her favorite color and write a sentence about the illustration.
My phone number is Coloring Page
Phone Number Worksheet -
Teach your child your phone number using this cool cell phone.  Simply write in the numbers or use small stickers to attach numbers.  Then, practice using the "keypad" together.
My Masterpiece Frame Coloring Page
My Masterpiece Frame -
Your child can let his/her imagination run wild in this frame!
Today's Menu Coloring Page
Today's Menu -
Let your child create the menu for tonight's meal and take your order.  Scrumptious!
My Favorite Animal Coloring Page
Favorite Pet -
Let your child fill in the blank, "If I had just one pet, I'd want it to be..."
What I Like Best About Spring is Coloring Page
Springtime Thoughts -
Let your child fill in the blank, "What I like best about springtime is..." and then illustrate the sentence.
Puppy Postcards
Puppy Postcards -
4 to a page.  Print out on cardstock for best results.  Have your child draw a beautiful picture on the blank side and dictate a note to someone special on the reverse.  Pop a 23 stamp on and mail the surprise to a loved one!
Create your own Funny Face Collage
Funny Face Collage -
Use the parts to construct a funny face.  Make up a story or sentence to go along with it.

Educational Templates:

Pattern Building Mat
Pattern Building Template
(use with any of the basic shapes pages that follow) - Start with ab patterns (red, white, red, white) and build up to harder patterns.  Build a pattern on one track and have the child copy it on the next track.  Use the spinner template to create a pattern game where the children spin for a specific shape, color, etc. to place into a pattern.


Basic Shapes Activity Page
Basic Shapes Activity Page
Use these basic shapes to:
~make patterns (square, triangle, square, triangle or pink square, blue square, etc.),
~cut out and lay on things in your house that match the shape, or
~color and create shape pictures,
~to recognize what is the same in a group or what to choose to add to a given group (ex.:  red circle, red square, red oval,
[add a red] triangle)
Basic Colored Shapes Activity Page
Basic Colored Shapes Activity Page
Basic Colored & Labeled Shapes Activity Page
Basic Colored & Labeled Shapes Activity Page
Compare & Contrast - Venn Diagram
Compare & Contrast (Venn Diagram) -
Use with attribute shapes or for older children who can read you can write words describing two main objects.  Contrasting characteristics are written in the outside boxes, similar characteristics are written in the middle section ().


Blank Spinner Templates for games
Blank Spinner Templates -
Great fun for games.  Fill in the appropriate theme objects (numbers, colors, sight words, etc.), cut out and play!


Count it Out Mat
Count it Out -
Use to count out various objects and place in appropriate square.  For fine motor skills, have the children use tweezers to pick up and place the manipulatives in the square.

Printable Letter Activity Pages:

Aa Printable Coloring Page
Bb words coloring page
Cc words coloring page
Dd words Printable Coloring page
Ee words printable coloring page
Ff words coloring page
Gg words printable coloring sheet
Hh words printable coloring sheet
Ii Words Printable Coloring Page
Jj Words Printable Coloring Page
Kk Words Printable Coloring Page
Ll Words Printable Coloring Page
Mm Words Printable Coloring Page
Nn Words Printable Coloring Page
Oo Words Printable Coloring Page
Pp Words Printable Coloring Page
Qq Words Printable Coloring Page
Rr Words Printable Coloring Page

Tt Words Printable Coloring Page
Uu Words Printable Coloring Page






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