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Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Social, Language, Science Skills
are brought to life during this exciting Show & Tell!

For lack of a better term, the flexible, family-based "curriculum" suits the warm
home environment more so than a traditional child care center's setting does. Learning at every level, especially preschool, should be fun and hands on, not rote, dull and unstimulating.  This means very few worksheets and often no "work" to take home and show.  This benefits your young child, and mine!  

We learn social skills by playing with one another, sharing, learning empathy and caring for others, role-playing ("house", puppets, etc.) and taking turns, to name a few.

Basic Academic skills, like language, pre-reading/pre-writing and math develop through singing songs, reading books, counting, Show & Tell, learning to recognize letters, our names and the names of simple items using labels.  We relate shapes and colors in the environment with their names.  We even learn patterning through games like

Cultural skills and understanding will be fun by learning simple words in Spanish and
Sign Language, like days of the week, favorite animals, food and manners.   

Be careful!  You'll even see us exhibit our newly found
"cooking" skills by scooping, pouring and mixing up treats in the kitchen.  If you're lucky, your child will even bring them home to share!  

Fine motor skills (sooooo important to writing) fine-tune themselves through arts
and crafts activities including beading large beads, play dough, and writing.  

On the other side of that,
large motor skills are addressed through fun,
age-appropriate physical activities designed to strengthen muscles and help your
child grow.  Don't worry!  Even in bad weather, we'll get those bodies moving to
music and games inside, like the old favorites, Ring Around the Rosie and

The children will even have the opportunity to play educational games on the
computer to develop their
technical skills.  

Critical thinking skills (a.k.a Science skills) are highly valued here and your child will be encouraged to share what he/she thinks about in order to better develop this seemingly lost art.  
Science activities stimulate critical thinking through sparking a child's natural
desire to question the world and learn through observations of simple experiments such as bird feeding/watching, growing plants, color mixing, outdoor exploration, etc. Above all, your child will have fun, not even realizing that he/she is learning, while preparing for elementary school and life.

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Fine motor, Social, Science and Math Skills -
scooping, pouring, comparing in the rice bucket



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Math, Fine Motor - sorting m&ms by color
Working on Fine Motor and Math skills by sorting, counting and comparing m&ms by color

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Critical Thinking, Social, Fine Motor, Language and Math Skills at work in this sorting activity with a friend

Social, Math, Fine and Large Motor, Social, and Science Skills help in the over-sized sandbox

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Large Motor, Language, Science and Social Skills grow in a fun way on the playset

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Fine Motor, Math, Language using play dough
Fine Motor, Math, Language, Social Skills - learned through working with play dough

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Social, Large Motor, Language, Pre-reading Skills develop while children play Ring Around the Rosie

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Cooking, Math, Science, Language, Social Skills build through decorating Christmas cookies

Preschool Curriculum at Mommy Nature's Preschool
Fine Motor, Social, Math, Science, Social Skills all help the children in painting activities like apple printing

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