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Preschool Classroom Routines

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Spot Who's Here Today (from Mailbox Magazine) - I made a ladybug out of poster board, attached 8 pieces of the loop side of Velcro and 8 pieces of the hook side of Velcro to the back of 8 counters.  I printed the pictures of the children's faces onto sticker paper and attached them to the counters to make a "spot".  Each day when they come in, they find their "spot" and attach it to the ladybug.  This leads to all kinds of questions using math, "How many girls/boys?", "How many children here all
together?", "How many more/fewer girls than boys (and vice versa)?", "How many children are absent?", etc.

Preschool Classroom Routines

Classroom Behavior Management
Beehive Paper Mache Piñata - Our class is making a beehive out of paper mache for our discipline reward system.  Each time a child is caught doing a good deed, I write his/her name on a bee, choose a sticker and let them drop a piece of candy into the paper mache piñata.  At our end of the year party, we will all reap the rewards of our hard work by enjoying the piñata and the bees will be sent home!

Preschool Classroom Routines

Estimation Jar:
Place various number of theme-related objects in a jar.  Children visit jar throughout the week and enter their estimation.  On Friday, objects in jar are counted and estimations read to see who came the closest.

Preschool Classroom Routines

Lunch / Snack Routine - As a way to transition them from activity time to settling down at the table, we have a lunch chant. 
Sittin' on my bottom
With my napkin on my lap
Hands on my knees,
Slap, slap, slap.
I'm so hungry
And I'm thirsty too.
Tell us, Miss Gina,
"What's on the menu?"

I mounted it to the back of a plastic tray.  On the front, I attach pictures and labels of the food on our lunch (or snack) menu so after the chant, we read what we are having for lunch (or snack).

Preschool Classroom Routines

Morning Meeting (Circle Time) - Each day our class comes together for Morning Meeting where we learn about the:
Pledge - we say the pledge and sing a patriotic song
- *a helper passes out the journals and the children follow along with me
~count dates (numerals) in English and Spanish  *students affix a sticker or trace (depending on student ability and time of year) the numeral date on their journal calendar
~sing days of the week in English and Spanish; cheer "Hooray for (today)!"
~talk about "Yesterday was ___", "Today is ___", "Tomorrow will be ___"
~find patterns on calendar
~discuss special days (holidays, birthdays)
Seasons and Weather Chart - talk about the days weather, color it into the monthly graph *students do the same in their journals
100s Chart / Pattern Counting Wall- We are doing a jungle theme this year and I created a picture at  I cut it into a square and created a table the same size with 100 squares.  I super-imposed the table over the picture, labeled the squares on the back 1-100, then cut the jungle picture apart into a 100s chart puzzle.  Each day we place the appropriate puzzle piece (100s square) on the same-size blank table to create a picture.  As the picture is created we try and guess what animal we see and what might be coming up next.  The students have the same blank 100s chart in their journal where they place a sticker each day on the appropriate number.
Pattern Counting Wall - I'm using animal shaped mini notepads to count the days of school using patterns.  For example, in August, I'm using alligator/polar bear, alligator/polar bear to create an ab pattern.  Also, each 5s denomination (5, 10, 15, etc.) is mounted on a yellow card and each 10s denomination (10, 20, 30, etc.) is mounted on a red card for easy counting.
Mystery Box - A decorated shoebox is used to house a new item each week.  Questions are asked at morning meeting to guide the children in figuring out the item in the Mystery Box.  The child that guesses gets to open the box to show the other children.
Show 'n Tell - Each Wednesday the children bring in a theme-related item to tell about at Show 'n Tell.  Usually the night before they complete a sentence about it (with parents' help) and illustrate a picture. 
Read this poem at the beginning of Show 'n Tell time:
     Oh, what did you bring for show 'n tell?
     What, oh what, did you bring?
     Your friends are here and waiting to see.
     Show yours, please, to me!

Varied Daily Activities at Morning Meeting:
Story - a different story, from which our daily activities spring from, is read each day
Song, Finger play
At least one Story-related Activity

Some Favorites include:
~ Scrambled Names -
Use magnetic letters to scramble one student's name at a time on the whiteboard.  Referring to the student's names written on post-its, unscramble the name.  Then, we sing a song like, Name-O.
~ Preschool Learning Songs found here.
~ What is it? - This idea came from
~ Syllable Clap - Pick any word, like the children's names, clap it out into syllables.

Preschool Classroom Routines

Question of the Week
Each week a new question will be posted for the children to answer during free choice time.  The answers will be graphed and discussed during Morning Meeting.


Preschool Classroom RoutinesSight Word Necklace

Sight Word Necklace
Using a name card lanyard, I write either the letter of the week, number of the week, or a sight word on the name card and wear the necklace.  When a child needs help with something (i.e.: tying a shoe) or is ready to go outside, etc., he/she must read the card to me first (with help, if needed, of course).

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