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My Body & Me / Letter Bb

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materials list/Resources:

Unit Books (book links available in right sidebar menu) I Like Me, I'm Quick as a Cricket, Things I Like, What I Like About Me, What I Do Best, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (Jill Weber), Elmocize DVD
Additional Themed Books: 
My Five Senses, The Body, My Book about Me (Dr. Seuss), Dress Maisy, Barney Bear Gets Dressed, I Can Dress Myself, My First Body Board Book, My Own Body

Social/Emotional Development:

Morning Meeting/Circle Time (daily skill work including:  weather, calendar, counting, ABCs, patterning, colors, shapes, songs, music, finger plays, rhymes, creative Movement) (outside links) Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (version 1 or version 2), Do Your Ears Hang Low?, Dry Bones / Dem Bones, My Hand on My Head, If You're Happy and You Know It, Hokey Pokey, Where is Thumbkin?

Creative Activities/Art/Music/Drama/Aesthetic Learning (including Fine / Large Motor Activities):  
I've been creating playlists on my iPod with my thousands of songs.  I'm not affiliated in any way with iPod, Apple, etc.  I'm just a happy customer that highly advises creating a playlist!  Here is (part of) my playlist (not all of the songs that I use are available through iTunes) - if you are of the iPod mentality!

My Body, Me & the Letter Bb Playlist
including the songs:

I Really Love to Dance

Laurie Berkner

My Energy

Laurie Berkner

Song In My Tummy

Laurie Berkner

The Story of My Feelings

Laurie Berkner

Pig on Her Head

Laurie Berkner

Do Your Ears Hang Low / ¿Acaso Te Cuelgan Las Orejas?

Global Village Kids

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes / Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas Y De

Global Village Kids

Motivation/Introduction ~ First Day of Theme: 

Intro - Sing If You're Happy and You Know It using different action words for different body parts (tap your knees, wiggle your arms, shake your head, etc.).

Read I Like Me.  Using butcher paper and a dark crayon or marker (or outside on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk), have child lay down.  Trace around shape.  Have child add hair, facial features, clothes.  (Optional:  Provide yarn, scraps of fabric, various types of coloring media.)  Have child name body parts for you to label with thick black marker.  Title it "_____'s Body". 

Lessons (one main lesson a day which can be broken into parts as needed throughout the day):

1. Story:  I like/use the alphabet songs in the book in "Sing and Read" Alphabet Little Books by Frog Street Press (musical CD also available).  (Use any /b/ word books).  (The link above routes you to the Alphabet Reproducible book.  I use this one <for $14.99> to color and make my own set, while still being able to copy and distribute to students for a take-home book, versus buying the set of 26 books for $75.)  Make each child his/her own copy.
Children circle all of the /b/ sound words in the book and color pictures.  Use each morning at morning meeting.  Children can sign Bb while singing.  ASL letter Bb sign - My Body, Me & the Letter Bb Theme - Preschool Activities
Optional storiesDress Maisy or Barney Bear Gets Dressed

Create a Weather Bear:  using a stuffed toy with various clothes (representing clothes for different weather - rain, snow, sunny/warm, cold, cool, etc.) or a picture of a character with pictures of the clothes (laminate for durability).  Add this activity to morning meeting to discuss the weather each day.  Have a different child "dress" the bear each morning in preparation for the day.  Make a weather wheel to illustrate the various weather options to choose each day, as well.

Bb coloring sheet:  Although this corresponds to the story/song used above, it can be used on its own.  Provide blue, brown, and black crayons for the child to color the Bb.  Encourage ability to follow directions by telling him/her to color the balloons blue and the bunny brown &/or black.  (Preschoolers should not be expected to color within the lines.) 


2. Story:  I'm as Quick as a Cricket - Read through once, then read through having the children act out the story.  Ask which movement they liked best and why.  Play and dance to I Really Love to Dance.

Left / Right:  Dip each child's hand (then repeat for feet) in blue (for right) or black (for left) paint and stamp hands onto a paper.  Label right and left in corresponding color.  When dry, hang at eye level for children to compare. 

Hokey Pokey Put a (blue or black) colored sticker or mark on each child's hand to designate left and right.  Play the Hokey Pokey encouraging proper use of left and right.  Consider simply saying, "Put your blue hand in." and "Put your black leg out." etc. the first few times.  Play several times through the week, alternating when left/right and blue/black are used.

3.  Story:  Things I Like

Do Your Ears Hang Low?Sing, act out the song.

Blue Balloons:  Blow up blue balloons and challenge the children to keep their balloons from touching the floor, hitting it back into the air with various body parts (knees, feet, head, elbows, etc.).

4.  Show & Tell Thursday: 

Story:  Percival, the Plain, Little Caterpillar  - Read together discussing why Percival is sad and how he becomes happy at the end.

Make a Butterfly:  Using a cone coffee filter, let the children color with non-permanent markers as they wish.  Spray lightly with water and watch the colors blend.  Allow to dry.  Cut one side of the filter, leaving the crimped edge alone.  Open out to reveal a symmetrical butterfly.  Use a colored clothespin as the body.  Wrap brightly colored chenille stem around "body", twist at top for antennae.  Hang from ceiling.

Sing Where is Thumbkin, saying different body parts and having the children put a sticker on it when they find it.

Blow Bubbles Have the children pop them with different body parts.  Videotape them playing with the bubbles.  They love to watch and relive the experience! 



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