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Mommy Nature's Preschool focus wall painting featuring "The Great Kapok Tree".  Painted by local artist Tina Dunn.Mommy Nature's Preschool, located in central Arkansas, is run by a certified teacher, "Ms. Gina".  The students here enjoy a balance of large and small group activities, academic and free-choice learning times, indoor and outdoor explorations, as well as a range of creative art experiences.  Multi-level class grouping is used to allow students to learn from one another similar to a family environment.  Themes are incorporated into as many aspects of the learning experience as possible. 

Although this site primarily serves the families of our students, it has gained popularity throughout the early childhood teachers and parents who visit.  While you're here, grab some fun printouts to enjoy with your preschooler, check out the growing list of preschool lessons and activities, or enjoy interesting parenting articles.

* Parent and preschool teachers are always welcome to share great ideas because, it takes a village!
Your questions and requests for clarification are always answered in a timely fashion, as well.  Due to the volume of requests, Mommy Nature's Preschool Blog has been created to field questions, share ideas and respond to emails.

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Why Short Cat-Naps are Not Enough
Earth's Climate:  What Gives?

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Pledge of Allegiance by Mommy Nature's Preschoolers (mp3) (1/15/08)
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Online Stories:

The Day the Cat Came In - Power Point Story by Mommy Nature's PreschoolThe Day the Cat Came In (Power Point Story)

My Hat - Power Point StoryMy Hat (Power Point Story)

Funny Face (PowerPoint Story)


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