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Created for use with the Preschool Online Activities Classroom Curriculum, these printables and templates are also great for numerous other activities.  Enjoy!

Click here to join Preschool_Online_Activities_Class  Join us for even more fun learning activities, idea exchanges and lots of free printouts and games.

Templates for Learning:  most of these are available as .pdf format using Adobe Reader.

Box Templates - Some of these are "filled in" with questions and prompts for your child to answer.  Some are blank so you can print them and fill them in to suit your activity.

Story Cube (blank) - This cube can be adapted for a wide range of activities:  create a number cube using numbers or words (2 or two) or both, fill in personalized questions about a story, fill in personalized questions about any theme being covered (All About Me, Colors, Shapes, etc.)

Story Cube - Use this fun cube to increase interest and comprehension when reading a story.

Story Starter (Prompt) Cube - Get your child thinking by rolling this cube, reading the prompt and taking turns telling a unique story.  *Have a tape recorder ready to tape the story.  Transcribe it to paper to illustrate and reread. 

More Templates and Educational Coloring Sheets:

Blank Spinner Templates - Great fun for games.  Fill in the appropriate theme objects (numbers, colors, sight words, etc.), cut out and play!

Favorite Color Coloring Sheet - Here your child can draw a picture about his or her favorite color and write a sentence about the illustration.

Phone Number Worksheet - Teach your child your phone number using this cool cell phone.  Simply write in the numbers or use small stickers to attach numbers.  Then, practice using the "keypad" together.

Preschool Puppy Postcard TemplatePuppy Postcards - 4 to a page.  Print out on cardstock for best results.  Have your child draw a beautiful picture on the blank side and dictate a note to someone special on the reverse.  Pop a 23 stamp on and mail the surprise to a loved one!

My Masterpiece Frame - Your child can let his/her imagination run wild in this frame!

Today's Menu - Let your child create the menu for tonight's meal and take your order.  Scrumptious!

Favorite Pet - Let your child fill in the blank, "If I had just one pet, I'd want it to be..."

Springtime Thoughts - Let your child fill in the blank, "What I like best about springtime is..." and then illustrate the sentence.

Funny Face Collage - Use the parts to construct a funny face.  Make up a story or sentence to go along with it.

Basic Shapes Pages
Basic Shapes Activity Page
Basic Colored Shapes Activity Page
Basic Colored & Labeled Shapes Activity Page
Use these basic shapes (circle, oval, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond/rhombus) to
~make patterns (square, triangle, square, triangle or pink square, blue square, etc.),
~cut out and lay on things in your house that match the shape, or
~color and create shape pictures,
~to recognize what is the same in a group or what to choose to add to a given group (ex.:  red circle, red square, red oval, [add a red] triangle)

Free Dotted Fonts to Create Unique Handwriting Pages
(Click title above for a printable sampler page in .pdf format of the two fonts to compare.)
Here are two traceable fonts in the two main styles that schools use that you can use in Microsoft Word to create handwriting pages for your child.  (Typically for ages 4 and up.)  They are free to download.  Check with your school district to find out if they use the ball-and-stick style or D'Nealian style.
National First Dotted font uses the traditional ball-and-stick style for basic lettering.
Primer Apples font uses a D'Nealian style that is suggested to help children ease more smoothly into cursive.
As you choose to download, install and use these, keep in mind that the instructions given are basic to most computers using Windows.  As I am not a computer expert, consult one if you need further assistance.

How to download using Windows, unzip and install these fonts - a basic method:
1.  Click "download" above chosen font.
2.  When asked, "Do you want to save or open this file?", click "Save".  Write down exactly where the computer is saving the .zip file.
3*.  Find the file saved in your computer, right click on it and select "unzip".
4.  Click "Start", then "Settings", then "Control Panel".
5.  Click "File", then "Install New Font".
6.  Now, find the fonts where you saved them (step 2) and select them (to select more than one font, hold down the "Ctrl" key while you click each font name).
7.  Click OK to install the font(s).
They should now be accessible and printable in most any Microsoft program (Word, Excel, etc.)

*If you know how to move files, you can now move the font files to the Fonts folder (C:\WINDOWS\fonts\ or C:\WINNT\fonts\) and skip steps 4-7.

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