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Main Ideas:  


materials list/Resources:

Unit Books (book links available in right sidebar menu): 
Additional Themed Books: 

Social/Emotional Development:
Show & Tell Thursdays: 

Morning Meeting/Circle Time (daily skill work including:  weather, calendar, counting, ABCs, patterning, colors, shapes, songs, music, finger plays, rhymes, creative Movement) (outside links)

Creative Activities/Art/Music/Drama/Aesthetic Learning (including Fine / Large Motor Activities):
I've been creating playlists on my iPod with my thousands of songs.  I'm not affiliated in any way with iPod, Apple, etc.  I'm just a happy customer that highly advises creating a playlist!  I'm trying to figure out how to share the playlists that I create with you (if you are of the iPod mentality!).
Theme Center: 

Cognitive/Intellectual Learning:
Language Arts/Literacy Activities/Social Studies: 
Science/Math/Social Studies: 

Internet Links - supplementary (outside links - These links have not been extensively checked for appropriateness for your child.  Please monitor your child anytime he/she uses the internet.):  Depending on your child(ren), consider creating a favorites folder based on patriotism so you can find the sites quickly for your child to peruse.  

Vocabulary Words:  (Spanish and sign language - For the home page with links to nearly any word in the ASL browser, click here.): 

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* Mix and match activities to your
child(ren)'s interest(s) offering a balance throughout each day.  Use your child's favorite books as the basis for learning. Introduce new books for interest.  Choose active and quiet activities each day and be sure to read daily!  Tailor activities to your child's abilities.
Motivation/Introduction ~ First Day of Theme: 
Benchmark Skills:

Intro -

Read Green Eggs and Ham, by .

  Lessons (one main lesson a day which can be broken into parts as needed throughout the day):

1. Story:  I like/use the alphabet songs in the book in "Sing and Read" Alphabet Little Books by Frog Street Press (Use any short /e/ word books).
Find all of the short /e/ words in the book.  Show how to make the Ee sign. 
Letter Ee Preschool Activities Theme - ASL Ee sign
Benchmark Skills:

Ee coloring sheet:  Children color in the capital and lowercase Ee.  Talk about the pictures on the page.  Cut out Ee's out of newspapers and magazines to glue onto the paper.

Favorite Egg Graph (check for allergies):  Have an egg tasting party.  Set out green eggs (!), scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, boiled eggs, and an omelet for the children to taste and rate according to preference.  Using egg-shaped cut-outs, have them draw a picture of the one they liked best (or disliked the most!) and write their names.  Create a graph on the wall with the egg shapes.

Empty / Full: 

  2. Story:  Humpty Dumpty

Benchmark Skills:

Beginning / End: 

Egghead:  Using half an egg shell, children can use permanent markers to draw a face on the eggshell.  Using half an egg shell, fill with dirt, add a few seeds (Mung beans and alfalfa sprouts are always fast growers if you want edible sprouts.  Grass seed makes a fine "hair" also.), sprinkle with water and wait.  Have the children think about what will happen to the seeds, how the egghead will look.  (The sprouts will make the "hair".)

  3.  Story:  Dora's Eggs
Optional story: 

Benchmark Skills: 

Sink / Float: 

Egg Painting: 


4.  Show & Tell Thursday:  (Anybody out there know a cute Show & Tell song or chant?  I'm about ready to make up my own because I can't find one I like.)  Bring something that starts with Ee (short /e/ sound).

Story:  It Wasn't My Fault

Benchmark Skills: 

Bouncy Eggs:  Take a large plastic cup, a raw egg, and vinegar.  Put the egg in the cup and cover with vinegar.  Ask the children to note anything happening to the eggshell.  (You won't have to encourage them to talk about the smell!)  Leave the egg overnight.  [The egg will turn into a rubbery ball from the chemical change between the calcium in the eggshell and the vinegar.]

  5Closure ~ Last Day of Theme:  Story: 
Optional story:

Benchmark Skills: 

I See Apples Counting Booklet: 

Can You Break It?:  (A fun experiment for the parents - and older school children).  See it here.  Because of the arches in the egg, some of the strongest architectural shapes we know of, putting pressure on the arches actually makes them stronger as one arch presses against another.  Unless the egg slips and the middle is squeezed, or it has a hairline fracture, etc. the egg is virtually unbreakable in this manner.

Show Time Friday: 

Checking for Student Understanding:
Referring to our Main Idea and Benchmarks, do the children...
Teacher/Parent Self-Evaluation:  Let's grow together!  If you have additional ideas, comments or suggestions, let me know!  (

There are many benchmarks that will be taught nearly every day, like "Demonstrates willingness to try new things" or "Shows enjoyment of books and stories and discussion of them".  Throughout the range of activities offered here, there will be a focus on one or two, although there are usually many covered in one simple activity.  Repetition is the key with learning - especially in early childhood.  However, even though you may do the same basic activity, it can be adapted to your child's level, interests, and theme..

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