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Dogs & the Letter Dd Preschool Theme Activities - Dress Up Dog!
Dressin' Up is more fun when the dog plays along!

Dogs & the Letter Dd
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Main Ideas:   Dogs & the Letter Dd Preschool Activities Theme

     Shows empathy and concern for dogs as pets. 
     Understands how to care for pet dogs.
     Understands how to interact with strange dogs.

materials list/Resources:

Unit Books (book links available in right sidebar menu):  Surprise Puppy, Dogs, Just Dog, Clifford the Small Red Puppy (or any other Clifford book),
Additional Themed Books: 
B-I-N-G-O or any of the numerous, wonderful dog books out there!

Social/Emotional Development:
Show & Tell Thursdays:  
Bring a picture/drawing of your dog (if you have one) and something that you use to take care of him/her (dog bowl, brush, etc.).  (If child doesn't have a dog, child can bring picture of any dog or a stuffed animal dog and something he/she would use to care for it (blanket, small brush, etc.).
Morning Meeting/Circle Time (daily skill work including:  weather, calendar, counting, ABCs, patterning, colors, shapes, songs, music, finger plays, rhymes, creative Movement) (outside links) Do Your Ears Hang Low?, Where, Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?, How Much is the Doggie in the Window?, Who Let the Dogs Out?, I Want a Dog, Six Little Dogs

Creative Activities/Art/Music/Drama/Aesthetic Learning (including Fine / Large Motor Activities):
I've been creating playlists on my iPod with my thousands of songs.  I'm not affiliated in any way with iPod, Apple, etc.  I'm just a happy customer that highly advises creating a playlist!  I'm trying to figure out how to share the playlists that I create with you (if you are of the iPod mentality!).  Dogs & the Letter Dd Playlist
Theme Center:  Dog Care: 
Stuffed animal dogs, various care items (dog bowl, dog brush, pretend food/food box, leash, collar, blanket, pillow for bed, treat box)

Cognitive/Intellectual Learning:
Language Arts/Literacy Activities/Social Studies: 
Science/Math/Social Studies: 

Field Trip Ideas:  Have a dog?  Schedule a trip to the vet this week.  Even if you don't have a dog, visit the vet for a tour (call first).
Visit your local humane society.  (Bring along some treats to share with the homeless pets.)
Visit a neighbor or friend with dogs.  Have them show your child how they feed, brush, play with, etc. the dog.
Take your dog to a local dog park or go on a walk in a new area.

Dd Food Ideas:  Danishes, dates, deviled eggs, dill pickle, dip, dumplings, donuts

Internet Links - supplementary (outside links - These links have not been extensively checked for appropriateness for your child.  Please monitor your child anytime he/she uses the internet.):  Depending on your child(ren), consider creating a favorites folder based on patriotism so you can find the sites quickly for your child to peruse.  

Vocabulary Words:  (Spanish and sign language - For the home page with links to nearly any word in the ASL browser, click here.): 

Adobe Reader
view printable
.pdf version

Enjoying the site?  Consider donating (via PayPal) to keep the lesson plans coming:

Email the teacher!

Have a question about the lessons?  Email me here and I'll try to answer it!

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* Mix and match activities to your
child(ren)'s interest(s) offering a balance throughout each day.  Use your child's favorite books as the basis for learning. Introduce new books for interest.  Choose active and quiet activities each day and be sure to read daily!  Tailor activities to your child's abilities.
Motivation/Introduction ~ First Day of Theme: 

Intro - Bring in a dog or stuffed animal dog.  Let the children's natural interest and remarks lead conversation into facts about the dog, who has a dog, how to care for a dog.  This is building basic background information and interest so it's safe to follow the children's lead.

Read Surprise Puppy by Judith Hodge. 

  Lessons (one main lesson a day which can be broken into parts as needed throughout the day):

1. Story:  (Sing both of these songs at the beginning of each day's Morning Meeting.)  I like/use the alphabet songs in the book in "Sing and Read" Alphabet Little Books by Frog Street Press (Use any /d/ word books).
Find all of the /d/ (sound) words in the book.  Show how to make the d sign. 
ASL Dd sign
Also, My Dog Dingo song/poem from

My Dog Collage:  Using a pet care catalog, like Petsmart, Petco, etc., cut out several larger dog pictures for each child to choose from as their dog, as well as care items needed (bottles of shampoo, dog bowls, dog food, leash, collar, toys, treats, etc.).  Glue the dog picture in the middle of a sheet of paper.  Have the children name their dogs.  Put pictures into groups (shampoos, dog bowls, etc.) for ease of finding them.  Ask children what items are needed for dog care.  Allow children to pick one item from each group to glue onto their papers.  Label each item with word name.  Alternately, write a sentence for each item by filling in the blanks.  ex.:  My dog needs water and food bowls

Donuts for snack!  Before each child receives his donut, sign "Dd" with them as you chant (and they'll probably join in after a couple of times), "Dd says /d/.  Dd says /d/.  Every letter makes a sound and Dd says /d/.

  2. Story:  Clifford The Small Red Puppy

Dd coloring sheet:  Directions included on page.

Dog Bone Patterns:  Using this template, print about 3 pages and color the bones on each page one color. (I chose brown, black and gray since they are not widely used colors and they can illustrate colors of dogs.)  Begin a pattern (AB:  brown, black, brown, black or ABC: gray, brown, black, gray, brown, black, or etc.) and have the children decide which color comes next.  Add the correct bones on until no more are left.  Be creative with your patterns and challenge the children if the AB ones are too easy!)

Dogs & the Letter Dd Preschool Activities Theme 3.  Story:  Shaggy, Waggy Dogs

Dog Sort:  Print out paw prints or dog shapes in several "dog colors" and three sizes.  Read Shaggy, Waggy Dogs again.  This time have the children pull out the corresponding paw print to go with the dog pictured.  Next, have children sort the prints according to color, then size, then color and size (if they're ready). 

Dog Face:  Create dog face puppets or just funny faces with these dog facial features clip art page.  (You may want to have them pre-cut.)  Let children color features any color  and glue onto a paper bag, a blank piece of paper or the capital letter D.


4.  Show & Tell Thursday:  (Anybody out there know a cute Show & Tell song or chant?  I'm about ready to make up my own because I can't find one I like.) 

Story:  Just Dog

Play Dd-I-N-G-O:    First, read and sing B-i-n-g-o!.  Pull out the Dd-I-N-G-O game boards and teach the children how to play.  (There are 4 game cards.  Print as many as needed.  Give each child one card.  Children put a marker, bean, bottle cap, etc. on one space when "capital D", "lowercase d", or "picture of a dog" is called out.  When the card is filled, child yells, "Dd-I-N-G-O!"  This is more about letter recognition and children helping each other, so it doesn't matter that they each have the same number of each object.  They can all win!)

Make Dog Tags:  Let children decorate one side of the metal circles from cardboard juice cans with stickers, foam shapes, etc.  On the back, use a thin, permanent marker to write the child's name and address &/or phone number.  Help the children practice "reading" the information to memorize it.  Use caution when attaching a string for a necklace.  Consider just tying one long enough (a couple of inches or so) to attach to a backpack, suitcase, etc.

  5Closure ~ Last Day of Theme:  Story:  Dogs

Dog Walk:  2 versions (choose one): 
~ If you have a dog, take him/her on a walk around the schoolyard, neighborhood, etc.  Be sure to let each child hold the leash at some point.
~ If you don't have a dog, take a walk and listen / look for dogs.  Keep a count of how many you find, their colors, sizes, the sound of their barks, etc.

Make Dog Bones (for dogs or children!) (check for allergies)Have children help you follow any favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Use cookie cutter to cut out cookies in shape of dog bones.

Show Time Friday: 

See other Preschool Activities Lessons and Themes Preschool Activities, Lessons, and Themes! Preschool Activities, Lessons, Themes


Checking for Student Understanding:
Referring to our Main Idea and Benchmarks, do the children...
Teacher/Parent Self-Evaluation:  Let's grow together!  If you have additional ideas, comments or suggestions, let me know!  (

There are many benchmarks that will be taught nearly every day, like "Demonstrates willingness to try new things" or "Shows enjoyment of books and stories and discussion of them".  Throughout the range of activities offered here, there will be a focus on one or two, although there are usually many covered in one simple activity.  Repetition is the key with learning - especially in early childhood.  However, even though you may do the same basic activity, it can be adapted to your child's level, interests, and theme..

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