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Child Safety - Keeping Your Children Safe

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Child Safety Topics:
Immunization Schedule
House Plant Safety
Toy/Product Recalls
Child Car Seat Safety
Choking Infant/Child



NACHI - National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
About 2-1/2 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year.  Check out this link for the top 12 safety devices created to protect your children and family.

Child Safety

Child Safety - Recommended Immunization Schedule

Look Mommy, No Shots!

If sleepless nights with your new baby have taken your memory as well as your social life, read the recommended immunization schedule (birth through age 18) - printable .pdf version - approved by the Centers for Disease Control. Obviously, the schedule your doctor follows may veer from this one to adapt to the needs of your baby. This one is a guide; always follow your doctor's recommendations.  You can also click the CDC's link to try out the interactive immunization schedule based on your child's needs.

There has also been controversial discussion recently concerning possible side-effects of routine childhood immunizations.  Each parent needs to make an informed decision concerning whether his/her children will receive stated immunizations -- the key phrase here is informed decision.  

In the meantime, see the recommended immunization schedule above, by the CDC.  Remember that your child's schedule may differ slightly according to your
child's pediatrician's practices. 

Child Safety - House Plant Safety
Are your house plants toxic?

House plants rate among the top items that poison children.  Call the  National Poison Control (1-800-222-1222) if you have any concerns about indoor/outdoor plants, as well as any other item your child may have come into contact with or ingested.  For a thorough list of toxic and nontoxic plants, visit the University of California Cooperative Extension's Plant Safety page.  Here you can search their  huge database of plants by common and scientific names as well as understand the toxicity level of each.

Child Safety - Child Toy Product Recall
Do you recall what's been recalled?

If you heard that a toy or other item has been recalled, you can check it on this list compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission.  The list is so extensive, you're better off having an item name in mind, but there are several searching methods to suit your needs.

Child Safety - Infant Child Car Seats
Safe Child Car Seats

Compare features of child car seats, check safety seat recalls, locate a fitting/inspection station or verify the size/type of seat needed for your child's growing body at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's site.

Find The No-Cry Sleep Solution at!

Co-Sleeping - Making it Work and Making it Safe
By the author of the above book, this article discusses MANY methods of co-sleeping, as well as the pros and cons to help you decide if your family is a candidate for this loving method of nighttime parenting.

Child Safety - Choking Infant, Child
Know What to do for Your
Choking Infant

Shockingly, Americans lose one child (two-thirds age one and under) every five days to choking deaths!  Learn Infant/Child CPR and first aid before you need to use it through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.  
In the meantime, or for reference once you've completed the course, download, print, and post
this chart for quick reference and then read on for more information.
Listed by the
American Academy of Pediatrics as the...
Most common choke-able foods for children under three include:
Hot dogs and sausages
Chunks of meat
Hard, sticky candy
Peanuts and nuts
Raw carrots and vegetables
Fruit seeds
Apple chunks
(Be sure to cut food into pieces less than
one-half inch in diameter)
Common Non-food choke-able items:
Toys with small parts
Small balls & marbles
Arts & crafts materials
Ballpoint pen caps
Watch batteries

Also, watch for strings on toys and household items (such as blinds) longer than eight inches and plastic bags.

Since you can never childproof your child's environment for 100% safety, parental supervision stands as the best prevention.

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Accidental injury is the number one killer of America’s children, taking more lives than disease, violence and suicide. 
For more information, including safety checklist and child-friendly activities, visit Safe Kids USA.

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