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Growth Charts - newborn to 20 years, boy and girl

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Child Growth Charts

These links open the documents from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) using Adobe Acrobat Reader . Print out the chart that applies to your child and mark his/her growth every three months or so to see progress.  This is also a fun addition to his/her baby book.  Keep in mind that what is normal for your child may not be "average" on the chart.  A child from a "short" or "tall" family will likely follow his or her genes versus the growth chart.  Pediatricians generally check to make sure that your child remains consistent on the path he or she takes rather than, "Oh, he (or she) isn't tall enough because he (or she) isn't at the 50% mark!"

For a complete list, including special needs babies, visit the CDC.  

However, a chart applicable to exclusively/primarily breastfed babies is in the works. The
World Health Organization is organizing information based on these children (birth through age five).  Generally, breastfed babies tend to be slower at regaining their birth weights, and tend to be slimmer (but, healthier!) babies.  Keep an eye out for this chart that I'll post when it becomes available.

Click to view/print full-size version of each child's growth chart.

Boys' Charts:

Weight-for-length percentiles: Boys, birth to 36 months

Weight-for-age percentiles: Boys, 2 to 20 years

-for-age percentiles: Boys, 2 to 20 years

Girls Charts:

Weight-for-length percentiles: Girls, birth to 36 months

Weight-for-age percentiles: Girls, 2 to 20 years

-for-age percentiles: Girls, 2 to 20 years

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