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Preschool Centers Photo Tour

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Kapok Tree mural


Our classroom is an evolving play space changing to fit our learning needs of the month, week and day!  It is a wonderful blend of a homey room with all the benefits of a classroom.  Each wall is covered with imaginative murals depicting jungle plants and animals.  We thank local artist, Tina Dunn, for giving us her interpretation of The Great Kapok Tree.  Enjoy your Mommy Nature's Preschool Centers Photo Tour.  Click on the photos for a larger view of each center.


Art Center

Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Different from the bulletin board where we display theme-related art and work projects, the art gallery hangs above our futon and displays creative expression projects the children have created on their own.  They have free range to explore many available art mediums (see picture at right) located beside the table during free play.

Book Nook Preschool Classroom LayoutBook Nook - This began with a fluffy over-sized pillow next to the futon with books flanking both sides.  That was, of course, until the resident class pet, the dog, decided it was too comfortable to go to the kids!  Now the children enjoy pillows on the futon while I change out the books in the side as our needs change, with the seasons, new themes or new interests. 

Check-in Corner Preschool Classroom


Check-in Corner - Just inside the front door of the classroom, the children can hang their bags, coats, etc. on a labeled hook.  Above, they can clip special pictures or I may clip notes to send home.
Our daily schedule and parent board are seen just above the clips.


Spot Who's Here Today Preschool Attendance


Daily Attendance - On the entry door lives our ladybug, Spot, who announces each child's attendance.  When they arrive, or during Morning Meeting, if they forget, each child moves his/her "spot" from the outer area onto the ladybug to show they are here.


Job Jungle


Job Jungle
- On the edge of my desk, I attached silk vines onto which I stapled animal cut-outs that had clip art and labels of the various classroom jobs.  I use clothespins labeled with the children's names and pictures to attach to the jobs.  We rotate these weekly and each week each child has a job.


Preschool Centers Photo Tour - Large Motor Space

Large Motor Space
- No matter if you have 1 or several young children, an open space to spread out is a must!  Here, the children can build with oversized blocks across the room, play hopscotch on a taped pattern, or work out the wiggles during Ring Around the Rosie, as seen here.

Mat Corner Preschool Classroom Layout


Mat Corner
- Just behind my girls and class dog are the nap mats stacked atop the bucket of blankets.  After lunch and teeth brushing the children are responsible for laying out the mats and passing out blankets.  They also put them away at the end of nap time.


Preschool Centers Photo Tour - Media Center

Media Center
- Everything media lives here, except my computer and printer!  These wonderful custom-built corner shelves house CDs, DVDs, CD learning games, CD player/radio, books on CD, tape player, books on tape, TV with VCR and CD combo, student computer.  We've added dual headphones for the computer so that two children can play/listen to the computer simultaneously without disturbing children enjoying books on tape or CD. 

Supply Buckets - Preschool Classroom Layout


Supply Buckets - Above the futon (as well as above the Morning Meeting area - not pictured), I have sturdy shelves holding a myriad of supplies and games that we rotate through our centers.

Preschool Centers Photo Tour - Science Center


Science Center - A constantly updated center that sees a variety of mediums and experiments visit for various times.  The guinea pig is the only constant in this center, while other items are changed out due to interest.  We've enjoyed things such as an explorer's kit, seed starters, toy animal sorting/patterning basket, rice or bean buckets, and a measuring bucket.


 Preschool Centers Photo Tour - Table Time

Table Time
- Our table hosts snacks and meals, arts & crafts activities and game times.  It comfortably seats 8 preschoolers but we've squeezed in 12 during parties with 5 on each side and 1 on each end.  For extra fun, laminated multi-use counting and pattern pages are taped to the table to use during various activities.

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