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I'd run a website single-handedly for over 4 years before taking on the new challenge of podcasting.  It still took me some time to understand what I was doing and to realize that it is a lot easier than it seemed.  I thought I would post my new knowledge for those in the same position that I was in... 

I (actually, my thoughtful, husband) bought me the 80 GB iPod Classic and then surprised me with the Griffin iTalk Pro - Microphone.

All I do is plug the iTalk into the docking port on the bottom of the iPod.  The menu will appear offering a Voice Memo option.  Choose it.  Then, an option should come up asking if you want to record a voice memo.  At that point I push the red button on the iTalk and begin blabbing.  When finished, press the same red button to end the recording and choose save on the iPod menu.

Once you plug the iPod into your computer with iTunes installed, iTunes will ask if you want to transfer the voice memos to your computer.  Choose yes, of course.  They will be named with the date and time.  (You can now change the title by right clicking on it and choosing "Get Info", then "Info".)

Now convert the voice memo to an mp3.  First, under the "Edit" menu, click "Preferences", then click "Advanced".  See the "Importing" tab?  Click it.  Then click "Import Using MP3 Encoder", and "OK".  Right click on your voice memo and choose "Convert Selection to MP3".  You'll now have two voice memos recorded.  You can delete the original (.wav) file, if you choose. 

Now, upload to your blog or website for an accessible podcast for others to enjoy!


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