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9 - 12 Months Developmental Milestones

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9 - 12 Months Developmental Milestones

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9 - 12 Months Developmental Milestones

9 - 12 Months Developmental Milestones

Motor Skills:
Cruising furniture/walks with assistance
Can sit from a crawling position
Stands (“Look Mom, no hands!”)
Climbs furniture, stairs (up, not down)
Takes first wobbly steps

Fine Motor Skills:
Better-developed pincer grasp; finger feeding progresses
Points, pokes with index finger
Stacks blocks
Bangs two blocks together; begins clapping
Prefers one hand to the other
Takes toys out of bucket
Lets go of toys voluntarily
Imitates scribbling
May assist with dressing by extending arms/legs

Social/Verbal Skills:
More 2 syllable word sounds ("ma-ma", "da-da")
Babble contains inflection of home-spoken language
Responds to simple spoken requests ("sit down", "pet doggy")
Learning “no” (but doesn’t always respond appropriately)
Imitates nonverbal sounds (sneezes, coughs, kisses)
More gesturing (wave bye-bye, shakes head "no")
Shy/anxious around strangers
Cries when mother/father leaves
Imitates people at playtime
Has preferences for certain toys and people
Begins to test parental response to actions
Begins to show fear
Begins to prefer mother over others

Cognitive Skills:
Remembers recent events (from at least a day or two prior)
Finds toy when hidden under one of two covers
Separation anxiety continues (may worsen)
Maintains mental pictures of caregivers (“I’m coming” to crying baby stimulates mental image of caregiver and baby may stop fussing while waiting)
Studies objects in several ways (looking, mouthing, shaking, banging, throwing, dropping)
Looks at correct picture when image is named
Begins to show understanding of various object usage (drinks from cup, brushes hair with hairbrush/teeth with toothbrush, "talks" on phone)

How to Please This Age Group:
Being near parents (possibly still held a lot by them – try back carry in sling towards end of first year)
Emptying, filling buckets, baskets
Mirror play
Searching through kitchen cabinets
Stacking blocks
Old magazines/newspapers
Empty cardboard containers

Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:
Does not yet crawl or drags one side of body while crawling
Does not stand when supported
Does not look for objects that have been hidden while he/she watches
Says no words
Uses no gestures (waving, shaking head "no", pointing to objects/pictures)

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