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4 - 5 Months Developmental Skills

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4 Months Developmental Milestones - Infant Development

Fourth Month's Skills:

Large Muscle Development:
Rolls from tummy to side
Rests on elbows, lifts head 90 degrees
Sits propped up with hands, head steady for short time
Stands with support, pushes against surface with feet/legs
Turns any direction when sitting or lying down

Small Motor Development:
Reaches/grabs toys with both hands
Splashes with hands and feet in bath
May begin teething, drooling (although may drool for several months before teeth appear)
May be ready for solids -- check with doctor before offering any
Developing binocular vision, aids in depth perception

Lingual Development:  Social and lingual development often intertwine as the young child uses his/her growing lingual development to capture attention. These skills have been listed under their separate headings when appropriate, but may be listed under each when applicable.
Changes sounds while verbalizing, “eee-ahhh”
Verbalizes to engage someone in interaction
Blows bubbles, plays with tongue
Deep belly laughs (look for the ticklish spot!)

Social Development:
Some physical cues (like turning away from breast/bottle when done)
May be interested in mirror and other babies
Responsive for up to an hour at a time
Would rather look at actual face than a picture of one (tv, books)

Cognitive Skills:
Mental images formed in response to prompts (sees breast/bottle, anticipates eating)
Short-term memory lasts five to seven seconds
Realizes items have names (car, dog)

How to Please This Age Group:
Walking/being carried in arms or sling (try forward-facing now)
Mommy/Daddy’s phone, car keys, remote control (time to start hiding things!)
Grabbing jewelry, eye glasses, silverware (no more calm dinners while baby sits peacefully on your lap)
Rolling on large ball/cylinder
Brightly colored board, cloth, or vinyl (bath) books, books with pictures of baby faces
Soft balls

Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:
Continues to express Moro reflex (startle reflex)
Has not begun babbling or imitating any sounds
Has not begun mouthing objects by bringing toys to mouth
Legs/feet remain consistently flaccid when held in a standing position (fails to push against surface as if standing)
Eyes remain continually fixed; does not move one or both eyes in all directions
Eyes are crossed most of the time (eye crossing is normal throughout first 3 months)
No interest shown to new faces or appears highly distressed by new faces, places

5 Months Developmental Milestones - Infant Development
Fifth's Months Skills

Motor Skills:
Sits propped up
Stands, holding on to balance
Rolls from tummy to back
Scoots forward
Pushes chest off floor

Fine Motor Skills:
Accurately grabs items, one-handed
Knocks down block towers
Transfers items from hand to hand, hand to mouth

Social/Verbal Skills:
Vocalizes for attention
Looks for source of sound (person speaking, music)
Imitates some sounds and movements
Studies mouth of speakers
Begins to show interest in solid foods (may reach for parents’ food)
May get upset when object is taken away
Plays at mealtime (although it's messy, children learn through all of their senses)

Cognitive Skills:
Noticing colors
Adjusts hand shape to shape of toy before picking up
Effective in pushing your hand away (when getting medicine, done with bottle, etc.)

How to Please This Age Group:
Walking/carried while in arms or sling (try forward-facing now)
Squeaky toys
Where’s Baby?
Knocking over soft block towers

Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:
Does not turn head to locate source of sounds
Does not roll over in any direction (tummy to back, back to tummy)
Inconsolable at night
Never spontaneously smiles

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