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 12 to 24 Months - Developmental Skills

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 12 - 24 months developmental skills12 - 24 months developmental skills

This age group is broken into three sections (12-15 months, 15-18 months, and 18-24 months).  Scroll down to find your child's age group.

12-15 Months

Motor Skills:
walks without assistance (as Moms everywhere cry, "Where did my baby go?")
backs down stairs
attempts escapes from high chair (use the buckles!)
uses various movements to achieve goals (walking, standing, crawling, squatting, sitting)

Fine Motor Skills:
appropriate use of everyday items (cell phone, toothbrush, spoons)
empties cabinets after opening (keep dangerous items out of reach
and behind locked cabinet doors)
successfully uses nesting toys
helps with self-dressing and feeding
rolls and throws ball (and other toys!)

Social/Verbal Skills:
vocabulary of about five words
words beginning with b, c, d, g are easiest to pronounce ("bye-bye", "cat", etc.)
words may not have endings ("daa" for dog)
says "no" while shakes head (possibly while doing something he/she has been told not to do!)
requests assistance by using gestures like pointing and grunting
associates names with people and things; will point to appropriate person or thing
follows one-step directions ("clap your hands")
laughs at humorous sights

Cognitive Skills:
memory grows stronger with vocabulary and expanding brain
watch mental wheels turn as baby thinks about what you say or do
first attempts at matching/fitting objects that go together (pots and lids, simple puzzles)

How to please this age group:
push toys, pull toys (keep an eye on those strings, though!)
tossing toys (clean sponges, balled-up clean socks)
clearing out kitchen/bathroom cabinets
sorting containers (sorting rule may not be obvious to you)
riding on shoulders (watch fans and door frames!) or on your back in the sling
talks to toys, animals;  mimics animal sounds (panting like the dog)

Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:

                                    12 - 24 months developmental skills

                           15-18 Months

Motor Skills:
adept at walking (quickly, begins to "jog", goes backwards, walks in circles, pivots on one foot)
requires assistance when climbing/descending steps
skillfully climbs onto furniture; attempts crib escapes
enjoys ride-on toys now

Fine Motor Skills:
scribbles randomly; makes circle-like shapes
opens drawers
uses entire arm to throw a ball (or anything else!)
enjoys dipping finger foods

Social/Verbal Skills:
vocabulary of 10 to 20 understandable words (usually feeding words, family/pet names)
finishes words that previously had no ending ("daa" for dog becomes "dog", or "dawg" if southern :)
combines words to build first sentences
follows verbal commands without needing aid of visual gestures
copy-cat (loves to repeat what is said to him/her); babbles
understands "other", "down", "up", "off", "hot", "no" (understands but may not always follow directions)

Cognitive Skills:
works simple puzzles (circle shapes are best), sorts shapes, stacks graduated ring toys
learns best by exploring (if you haven't already -- BABY PROOF EVERYTHING!  It's easier than getting frustrated every time the baby finds an open door.)
will point out pictures in a book ("Where's the puppy/kitty/cow?")
separation anxiety begins to lessen

How to please this age group:
Ride-on and push toys
pounding toys
stacking large blocks (use empty tissue boxes)
identifying body parts
trying to figure out latches, knobs, buttons
still loves
Peek-a-Boo and now I'm Gonna Get You games and finger plays

Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:

                                     12 - 24 months developmental skills
18-24 Months (in progress)

Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills:

Social/Verbal Skills:

Cognitive Skills:

How to please this age group:
Various Warning Signs/Contact your pediatrician if your baby:

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